Automatic Gate Solutions - for Sliding Gates
Automatic Gate Solutions - for Sliding Gates

Automatic Gate Solutions - for Sliding Gates

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The Intelligent Gate Operator series are the Industry standard house/villa/residence Door Control products, and it can be integrated with different turnkey solution.

Key Features:

  • Machine Materials: High-End Industry standard materials plastic cover with metal iron racks.
  • Machine Motor:  Use 100% Pure copper core
  • The Motor have self-protection on fire, heat and some hard environment use,
  • ​When the working temperature is too hot,  eg. >100C, the machine will automatically stop working to protect the machine,
  • When the power is off,  the door can be manually opened by pressing the key of the machine.
  • This Gate opener can be integrated with RFID Card reader, Flashing lamp LED Light, Infrared sensor, etc
  • This sliding opener system also can work with Fingerprint reader, Face Recognition reader,
  • The machine can work with Magnetic force card, Barcode card,
  • It can work in Variety of reads/writes  way,
  • Working environment :  IP54 Waterproof for both Indoor and Outdoor application,
  • 220V power is standard,(can also provide AC110V,250V as option with extra fee),
  • -30C - 50C Temperature,
  • Humidity:<=95%,


Technical Specification:

  • Power Supply : AC220V~250V,50Hz, Optional AC110V
  • Machine Power :  550W
  • Working Elec Current: <13mA
  • Working temperature: -30degrees ~ +60degrees
  • Relative Humidity: <=95%
  • Machinery core rotate speed:  105MHS
  • Dimension(L*W*H):  270×155×335mm(Dimension)
  • Weight:  15KG Gross Weight,
  • Rack Materials:  Metal gear tack
  • Sense max distance:  <55M
  • Working frequency:  433Mhz
  • Gate Open time:  Adjustable as option function

Packing List:

  • 1   x    High-End Max 1000KG Gate Opener,
  • 2   x    Remote controller
  • 2   x    Manual Keys
  • 1   x    Metal Installation spare parts, screws
  • 1   x    6 months Warranty Service For Broken Items replacement

    Our services include the following;
    - Installation of Sliding Gate System
    - Renovation of Gate when required
    - Construction and fabrication of gate