Automatic Gate Solutions - For Swing Gate Opener

Automatic Gate Solutions - For Swing Gate Opener

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The Intelligent Gate Operator series are the Industry standard house/villa/residence Door Control products, and it can be integrated with different turnkey solution.

Solar power system Option

Solar panel, solar charge controller and back up battery can make your motor operate without traditional power supply. 

  • Battery Capacity: 12V 5AH
  • Solar panel
  • Max. Power 20.0W
  • Max. Voltage 17.0V
  • Max. Current 1.18A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6V

Wireless Keypad Option

  • Touch Sensor Buttons or Digital keys
  • Compatible With Most Fixed Codes & Rolling Codes
  • Two Channel Output
  • LED Indicator & Backlight
  • Security Lockout
  • IP Rating 53

2G/3G GSM Controller Option

  1. No call charges
  2. Multiple applications.
  3. Secure.
  4. Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit.
  5. Add or remove users by Simple SMS Text command.
  6. Up to 99 authorized phone numbers can be configured.
  7. Two Digital inputs for door sensor, motion sensors or other sensors to protect your door and windows.

Advantages of remote control swing gate motor controller 

  • Control board can connect flashing light, photocell, back up battery, solar system, keypad and so on.
  • Controlling single or double-leaf motor is optional.
  • Can adjust open and close door time.
  • 24VDC back-up battery can be input. (For large controller our standard controller is small size.)
  • High speed operation can be adjusted.
  • Set extra remote control, up to 30 remote controls.
  • Remote control : Button 1 is open, stop, close one gate.
  • Button 2 is for open, stop, close two gates.

    Our services include the following;
    - Installation of Swing Gate System
    - Renovation of Gate when required
    - Construction and fabrication of gate